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Born (Date & Place) 18 February, 1994 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Full Name Vrushika Mehta
Nicknames Guddi
Height 5’6
Age 26 Years
Popular Movies/TV Series Yeh Hai Aashiqui (2015) Twist Wala Love (2015) Yeh Teri Galiya (2018) Dil Dosti Dance (2013-15)

Web Series- Desi Explorers Jordan (2016) Truth or Tamanna (2018)

Debut Aasman Se Aage (2012)
Awards/Honors Indian Television Academy Award for Great on screen Couple (2014)

Kalakar Award for Best Actress (2020)

Address Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Family Brother- Bhumil Mehta


Vrushika Mehta is a well-known Indian actress. She is best known for her roles she played in ‘dil dosti dance’, ‘ye teri galiya’, ‘satrangi sasural’, and ‘truth or Tamanna’. Vrushika is an talented actress but she is also known as a professional dancer which is why she was casted in the show ‘dil, dosti dance’. Vrushika revealed her favorite actor as Hrithik Roshan , Shah Rukh Khan and her favorite actress as Kareena Kapoor.

She won her first award for best couple for her most popular show ‘dil dosti dance’ in which she played the role of Sharon Rai Prakash and won this couple award for her pairing with Shantanu on the show. She is immensely followed by her followers on many social media handles. She made her acting debut on the Indian Television Screen with ‘Aasman Se Aage’ in 2012.

Early Life & Family

Vrushika Mehta was born on 18 February, 1994 in Gujarat, India. She was born in a middle class Hindu family. Is said that she is also an amazing dancer apart from being a talented actress. Her mother also had a passion for dance but she couldn’t pursue it and it seems like she passed the passion on to her daughter that she is now fulfilling. That is why Vrushika says that if not an actress, she would have been a professional dancer.


Vrushika Mehta had in a few relationship. Vrushika Mehta was said to be in a relationship with Shantanu Maheshwari. They both were seen working together on the popular show among adults ‘dil, dosti dance’ on channel V. The couple were loved by audience because of their crackling chemistry on-screen. Soon the audience noticed that they were dating each other and were seen together even the show ended. But when they were asked about there relationship they denied it that they are not in a relationship. Vrushika Mehta spoke on their relationship “We are just friends. Shantanu and I are not dating each other. We are friends and very comfortable with each other”.

Vrushika Mehta is also said to be dating his co-actor Avinash Mishra. Both worked together in the show named ‘yeh teri galiyan’. Vrushika and Avinash also shared an amazing chemistry with each other on-screen. They were frequently seen together when they were not shooting the show. The people on the set knew that there is something between them. After being in a relationship with them Virushka says that “I never experienced true love”.

Popular Movies/TV Series

Vrushika Mehta debuted with her first television show ‘aasaman se aage’ in 2012. She got most of the recognition from the ‘dil dosti dance’ on channel V. She played the role of Sharon Rai Prakash and was a very well known actor because of the show and the role. Later she appeared in ‘yeh hai aashiqui’ in 2015.  Vrushika was also a part of few episodes form ‘pyar tune kya kiya’ and an horror show of Zee TV’s ‘fear files’.

Some of Vrushika’s television shows are- ‘ishqbaaz’ (2016), ‘yeh teri galiya’ (2018), ‘twist wala love’ (2015). Vrushika also hosted ‘desi explorers Jordan’ and ‘desi explorers Taiwan’ on the YouTube. Apart from acting on television shows she did two music videos, ‘aaja mahi ve’ (2018), ‘nazar mila’ (2020). She won awards mainly for her most popular show ‘dil,dosti dance’ and ‘yeh teri galiya’. Vrushika is also an dancer on what she says that if not an actor she would be an professional dancer.


Vrushika Mehta had been in few controversies and criticisms. In the show named ‘ishqbaaz’ Vrushika was going to be a part of it. This made her fans happy that they can see their favorite actor in another show too. But this soon changed into an disappointment for her fans when they got to know that Vrushika will not be given much screen on that show. This made her fans use social media to convey their disappointment and this affected the TRP of that show.

Finally, Gul Khan spoke on this “Vrushika is not bein replaced in the show. We are taking time off to figure out Omkara and Ishana’s track”. Later the producer also said that “Yes, Fans are spreading negativity. They are trying to get in touch with my creative team and writers online. But there is no fault of Vrushika. The poor girl unnecessarily got caught in the middle of this controversy which is not even a real controversy”.

Unknown Facts

  • “According to Vrushika, social networking sites is a waste of time. That is why she is less active on Facebook and on the other hand is not even on twitter”.
  • “Vrushika is an eggetarian and her favorite food is Dhokla”.
  • “In real life, Vrushika is exactly opposite of her character Sharon in ‘dil, dosti,dance’.”
  • “Vrushika says that her favorite and her dream role is of Kareena Kapoor played in the movie ‘Jab we met’.”
  • “She loves eating Pani puri and vada pav as it is her favorite fast food”.
  • “Vrushika’s favorite destination is Dubai”.
  • “Her hobbies are dancing, travelling, and watching cartoons in which she loves watching shinchan.”

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