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Born (Date & Place)       30 April,1985; Rosh HaAyin, Israel
Full Name       Gal Gadot Varsano
Nicknames       Gal, Giggle Gadot
Height      5’10
Age      34
Popular Movies/TV   Series      Wonder Woman, Fast and Furious,             Criminal, Justice   League
Debut      Fast and Furious(2009)
Awards/Honors      Critic’s Choice See Her Award (2018)

MTV Movie Award for Best Fight (2018)

Teen choice Award for Choice Movie         Actress (2017)

Spotlight Award (2017)

Rising Star Award (2018)

Screen Actors Guild Award (2017)

Address      Gal Gadot

Imprint PR

Neuehouse 6121 Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA

Family      Father- Michael Gadot

Mother- Irit Gadot

Sister- Dana Gadot

Spouse- Yaron Varsano

Children- Maya Varsano, Alma Varsano


Gal Gadot is an model and an amazing actress. She was born on 30 April 1985 in Israel. Gadot is also known as wonder women because of her most popular movie ‘wonder women’. Gal Gadot gave many of her popular movies with many popular characters. She became Miss Israel beauty pageant at the age of 18.

She also lead few International Campaigns Gal Gadot was featured in a cover girl on Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Bride Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, UMM, Cleo, Fashion, Lucire etc. From 2008 to 2016, Gadot has been the main model in fashion brand Castro. Gal Gadot was one of the name listed in ’50 most talented , intelligent, funny, and gorgeous Jewish women in the world’ . Gal Gadot debuted in movies with her first ever movie ‘fast and furious’ in 2009. She is married to Yaron Varsano .

Early Life & Family

Gal Gadot’s full name is Gal Gadot Varsano . Her first name means ‘wave’ and her surname means ‘riverbanks’. She is born in an Jewish -Israeli family environment because her father, Michael Gadot was from Israel and her mother, Irit Gadot was from Europe. Gal Gadot also have an elder sister whose name is Dana Gadot. Her ancestry is Polish-Jewish, Austrian-Jewish and German- Jewish .

She studied Biology as her major subject in high school. She once said that she was good at basketball because of her height in her school days.In college, she studied law and international relations. Before being an actress , she completed her two years in Israel Defense Forces. According to her experience in military she says that it taught her discipline and respect.

Somehow her military background helped because her director chose her as perfect women to play a role in fast and furious because he wanted to use her knowledge of weapons. Gal Gadot won Miss Israel beauty pageant and in 2004 when she was just 18 and later also won Miss Universe in the same year.


Gal Gadot is married to Yaron Varsano. They both were together for almost ten years and got married in 2008. As they were together for so long, Gal Gadot didn’t wanted see someone else when they were already so deeply in love with each other. But she once dated Oshri Cohen but it didn’t worked well.

Varsano is  ten older than Gadot. It was love at first sight. When they went on the second date ,he said that he is serious about their relationship and not going to wait for two years and proposed her to marry him and she accepted her proposal. They first met in 2006 because of their mutual friend in yoga retreat and then they fell in love. He is an Israeli businessman and a feminist.

Gal was not feeling good about how her profession impacted her daughter. Because she had to be out most of the time and wasn’t able to time spend time with her and took well care of her. They both are blessed with two daughters named, Alma and Maya.

Popular Movies/TV Series

Gal Gadot debuted with her action film, ‘fast and furious’ in 2009. This film was a hit and she kept on acting in the franchise of this film. She did few small roles in films such as,’date night’ , ‘knight and day’.Gadot did her role of wonder women in ‘batman vs superman’ through which she got more recognition of of her character and of herself. She did worked in different kind of genres whether its a thriller, comedy, action, romance etc., and did performed well in her characters.

Gadot was once invited to become a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Emily Shire says about Gal Gadot that her acting defies some of the stereotypes of women, especially as many Jewish women were portrayed on film as unattractive or the funny sidekick.

Apart from acting she also used her vice in the the film,’Ralph breaks the Internet’ at Disney Animation Studios. Gal Gadot replaced Jennifer Aniston as a pitchwoman for Smart-water in 2008. Other than her many popular film , Gadot was seen in music video of Maroon 5’s singlr ‘Girls like you’. Her other popular movies are ‘Justice League’, ‘Death on the Nile’, ‘Fast and Furious fast 5’, ‘Date Night’, ‘Criminal’.


There were few controversies about Gal Gadot . It was on wearing Elie Saab dress. Wearing an Elie Saab designed dress costed a controversy between Israel and Lebanese because the dress was designed by Elie Saab and when he posted a picture of Gal wearing that dress on social media by captioning it ‘flawless’, it seemed unusual and clearly unacceptable by many people of Lebanese .

Many people opposed that picture and created few issues between them. Few years back wonder women ,her film was banned in Lebanese. It was banned because all thought that posting a picture of her somehow supported Israel’s army and Israel itself. Eventually, this post got deleted then somewhere the issue was shut for few moments.

Another controversy was about casting her in DC extended universe . People clearly objected for casting Gal Gadot as a wonder women in it . In a fashion magazine interview when she was asked about her controversy she said that,”The army wasn’t that difficult for me. The military gave me good training for Hollywood”.

Gal Gadot was once appointed as an honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. But in few weeks the campaign was ended by the organisation. When Gadot was asked about this she said that, “that say that if she is smart and strong, she can’t also be sexy. That’s not fair, why can’t she be all of the above?”

Personal Quotes

  • “I like to laugh and make people laugh”.
  • “I say let’s own who we are and use it as a strength”.
  • “Women are empowered, they don’t have to be saved by some male heroes, but they can take care of themselves using their intelligence and power”.
  • “Once you become a mother, you always have a guilt trip. You always try to do the best, but you feel you can always be better.”
  • “When you play a character, you bring yourself into the character. You get a chance to shine and show your translation for the character and her state of mind”.
  • “Wonder woman is a peace seeker. But when fight arrives, she can fight. She is a warrior, and she enjoys the adrenaline of the fight”.
  • “I just keep active – everything that’s challenging me, everything that I feel like doing”.

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