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Born (Date & Place) 28 November 1984 in Rocky Mount, North Caroline, United States
Full Name Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Nicknames Mew, Mary
Height 5’8
Age 35
Popular Movies/TV Series Smashed, All About Naina, Gemini Man, Final Destination, Birds of Prey, Faults

Shows- Fargo, Brain dead, Mercy street, Passions, Promised Land

Debut NBC soap opera- Passions
Awards/Honors Day time Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Media- Original Daytime Program

Best Supporting Actress in a Movie Made for Television Series

Address Imprint PR


6121 Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles ,CA 90028


Family Father- James Ronald Winstead

Mother- Betty Lou Knight

Spouse- Riley Stearns


Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a popular actress and a singer. She appeared in many superhero comedy, horror series, monster, supernatural, science fiction, dark fantasy action, and also psychological thriller films. She also did supernatural series. She is also a great singer apart from acting she released her one song ‘Got a girl’ in 2013. Winstead debuted by playing a role on NBC soap opera Passions(1999-2000).

She played a role significant role as Jessica Bennett. Then she soon started appearing in movies and gave many popular movies and series in the Hollywood. Winstead is married to Riley Stearns in 2012, whom she met when she was 18. Winstead debuted with her first film ‘faults’ in 2014. Mary Elizabeth Winstead explored many things by being in a film industry as she explored many genres of movies, did few television series and also developed interest in singing and successfully launched a  song.

Early Life & Family

Mary Elizabeth Winstead was born on 28 November, 1984 in Rocky Mount, North Caroline, United States. It is known that her grandfather was a cousin of actress Ava Gardner. She also studied dance in a Joffrey Ballet summer program in Chicago. In her teens she though building a career as ballerina and also did appeared in local ballet productions. But soon she had to leave ballet because of her height issues.

She said about it “I realized pretty early on that I was already too tall by the time I was 13 ,your body had to stay that way and its pretty hard on muscles and bones. This made her focus shift on acting. This required her to be home schooled. Winstead is the youngest of five children. Winstead was once offered a role of Cindrella but was not selected because at that time she just turned 18 and also they thought they she is quite small to do the role.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead didn’t had many relations but had two marriages. She was in a relationship with Riley Stearns but broke up with him. Then she was married to Riley Stearns in 2010 and got divorced in 2017. They dated each other for many years that she didn’t required to date anyone else when she was already in love with him. Mary dated him when she was 18 years old had a great bonding till she was 32. Ewam was separated from his wife whom he was married for 22 years and they also have four children.

They finally got divorce formalities done in 2018 and were parted away. But his relation with Mary were not that easy because once his daughter called her new girlfriend Mary as a piece of trash. On this matter, Mary once said that “I got divorced which was a scary, crazy thing for me because I had been with the same person since I was 18 years old and that was what I knew. So I was really starting new as an adult for the first time in my life. For me that was a big turning point”. So it turns out that they both were divorced and then found each other. Mary had two children with Riley when they were married. This is how her relationship were revolving around her marriage and her divorce only.

Popular Movies/TV Series

Mary Elizabeth Winstead stepped into her acting career in 1997. She was first played a role as Jessica Bennett on NBC soap opera Passions(1999-2000). Then she was seen in superhero comedy ‘sky high’ in 2005, in horror series ‘wolf lake’ in (2001-2002), supernatural horror film, ‘final destination 3’, science fiction, ‘the thing’ in 2011, dark fantasy action horror film ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter in 2012 etc. As she did her one lead role in the ‘passions’ she said that”I really had one of the smallest roles on Passions, so I didn’t get too involved, I was able to leave it pretty easily”.

She also did a minor role in, ‘checking out’ in 2005. While doing her acting she developed a interest in singing and music. On this she once said “I wasn’t really going to be a singer ,but it’s just something I have always loved”. In starting she said that she is just interested in singing and music and she is not thinking bout releasing any single music video or album. But she finally released her first music video ‘got a girl’ in 2013. She also worked in many popular television series such as ‘mercy street’ (2016-17), ‘the beauty inside’, ‘wolf lake’, ‘passions’ (1999-2008),’promised land’ (1996-1999).


Winstead was once caught into an controversy because of her film,’all about Nina’ This film was about a young stand up comedian trying to figure out her life. But one of the scenes in the movie created a joke on #me too movement which lead to an controversy. On this take she said that”I was making a joke about my appearance and saying like, ‘At least I am not Louis C.K. ‘ or something. You get to see a hot girl onstage. And the the audience was supposed to boo. Because they didn’t like me making fun of Louis C.K. and then I was gonna say ,’its okay, he looks women in rooms and masturbates in front of them”. Later every one related to this film or involved in this film realized that the impact was dampened quite a bit.

The another controversy was related to her relationship with a 48 year old, Ewam McGregor. Ewam was divorced when they got to be in a relationship and he had four children with his wife and the controversy is around her one of his daughter. Once her daughter said that his father’s new girlfriend is a ‘piece of trash’. But later she also confessed by saying that “there had been a lot building up to it and a lot to deal with, not to make execuse or anything, but yeah it wasn’t my finest moment, but I am afraid to speak out if I feel strongly about something”.

Personal Quotes

  • “You don’t have to play masculine to be a strong women”.
  • “Sometimes, with directors you have to take what they say and translate it in your head, into something that makes sense to you, because you are speaking two different languages”.
  • “Usually a lot of movie making is boring”.
  • “Obviously, we are all going to die at some point. Whether or not we are fated to die in some way I think is debatable. I just don’t know which side to debate”.

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